Monday, January 7, 2008


There are hundreds of types of worms, but they all fall under three main categories. These categories are flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms. The flatworms are grouped in the phylum platyhelminthes. Flatworms can reproduce asexually. Also, they can regenerate, which means they can regrow their body parts. Therefore, if they really need food then they can eat their own body parts since they will regrow them back anyways. Flatworms are 5 cm. long and have linear symmetry. Another type of worms are the roundworms. They belong in the phylum nematoda. Roundworms are usually parasites that live on plants or other hosts and eat their blood and reproduce on them. Otherwise, they live on land or in water. In addition, they are usually about 5 inches in length. Lastly, there are the segmented worms that belong in the phylum Annelida. Segmented worms live in soil underground and can breathe through their skin. They have bristles on their segments to help them glide underground. Do you ever wonder why earthworms come above ground after it rains? well, it's because their homes are flooded, and they need moisture to survive. You probably also hate earthworms and think that they are slimy and disgusting creatures. But for real they are essential to a healthy garden and make soil rich for plants to grow in. After reading about all these types of worms which type do you like the best?

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